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Where Heaven Touches Earth is an easy read, a faith-building devotional, designed to encourage those who are dealing with life’s most difficult challenges, such as suffering, death, grief, depression, pain, abuse, and resentment. It brings together real-life stories, prayer, silent contemplation, simple Bible teaching, and the advice given through psychotherapy and counseling to achieve its purpose. It is peaceful, unhurried, gentle, and conversational, providing the reader with space to consider what is written. Draw up a chair, make yourself comfortable, and in your mind’s eye, follow this pathway of prayer. It could be life-changing. Rob writes compassionately about the problems of life that beset us all. Every page of this book is soaked in Pastoral care, wisdom and the confidence that, with God’s help, healing can be found. (Dr. Roger Bretherton, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, University of Lincoln, England)

Rob Giles has had harsh personal experience of overcoming hardship and alcoholism. We’re pleased to publish the revised edition of his self-help and prayer book ‘Where Heaven Touches Earth’.