Peter Georgiadis has had a lifelong association with music. A double bassist, he studied at the Royal College of Music and ended up playing with a veritable slew of international orchestras including the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. When arthritis struck in 1977 he set up a highly successful string instrument business and he is justifiably proud of all the fine seventeenth and eighteenth century instruments which have passed through his company on the way to being used to this day by musicians playing in the world’s best orchestras

Writing came to Peter principally as an outlet for his studies into The War To End All Wars and he has already proved himself as capable and as prolific an author as he was as a musician and instrument re-furbisher.

Peter’s fascinating life has provided plenty of fuel for his writing. Circle Of Pens Publications Limited made his first two books available but then unfortunately went into liquidation meaning he lost the unpaid royalties and the books ceased to be available except as second hand copies. Then he wrote a time travel/alternative history trilogy which the well-known fantasy author David Gemmell introduced to his own publishers where everyone who read it loved it but felt it needed re-writing given the increasingly woke attitude of the mainstream publishing industry. Peter accepted their advice but in the meantime his friend, the author Tony Saunders, who we publish, introduced him to us.

We are delighted to take on the extensive project of publishing the trilogy, Peter’s previously available titles, and all his other books. Watch this space!