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Stonie decides his friends are all inside his head. Time to leave the past he was busily inventing. And with it, the mystery of what happened to Mica. Discovering an answer lies somewhere in Arizona, his path is set. Redemption? Stonie never gets the chance to find out – robbed at gunpoint by a redneck hill farmer and left for dead in the desert with nothing to say who he is. From there he walks away from one future and into another.A novel of 1969 – ‘If you can remember it, you weren’t there!’

FIVE POEMS: a film comprising a poem on cue cards and four spoken pieces.

Phil Thomson is a Scottish-born writer and artist. His early professional life was in advertising and design – with some time spent living in America – before moving to the Midlands and a life in Higher Education at Birmingham City University. His novel Momentary lapses in concentration is published as an eBook by Gold Word Publishing and APS Books will be publishing his first poetry collection Still, but still moving.