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Dexter Peters is a new children’s writer and ‘Nigel Spalliwham Is Famous Now!’ is his first book: it’s a comic tale about overcoming bullying for 9-14 year olds. Nigel has a number of issues to overcome, starting with a low IQ and a cheese addiction. So, how will he grow up at all, let alone get famous?

“This story started as a way to use a Polish word that has a phonetic silliness to it that was irresistable. It then developed a life of its own until its core theme became bullying and I realised I was using my own experience of being bullied from the ages of 8-13 and revisiting the loss of the girl I sat next to in school whose family moved away when I was eleven. It’s strange how those life events come back to haunt you as a writer…”

Published with beautiful illustrations in the form of silhouettes of the characters and situations depicted in the book.