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Born in London to Portuguese parents, Peter Raposo was only two-years old when his parents decided to return home, but in 1991 he finally returned to London. He wrote his first story at the age of 6, followed by many short stories throughout the years, but then quit writing for a long time before resuming in 2006. His work has appeared in magazines and bulletins, and his first book dUst, a classic dystopian science-fiction novel, came out in 2021, followed shortly afterwards by The Illusion of Movement, a novel that he wrote while going through a divorce and a severe case of depression. Coventry is now his permanent home, and when he’s not writing or reading you’re more likely to find him playing video games. He has a YouTube channel called that boring dude, and he’s recently taking to jogging.

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Instagram: peter_raposo_

Twitter: @PeterRaposo9

There are no books –  the machines don’t allow us to have them anymore… After the Great War comes to an end the human race starts living side by side with the machines. But some humans have secrets, as do some machines, and sooner or later they will clash, resulting in the last war ever. But before that happens, the greatest detective of the New World must solve one last case while an asexual sky poet tries to warn the world of the dangers of giving too much freedom to the machines. And the Thin Dust is still in the air, slowly killing the human race but not the machines.