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Wild Verse (Andrew Sparke) £15
Exotic Monochrome (Signed limited edition of 50) £35
Adventures of Alien Egg (Lee Benson) £7
Demelza The Duck (Barbara Whitton)£5
Hungry Dragon (Wanda Pierpoint) £5
Robot Meg (Vivien Sabal) £5
Lazy Bear lane (Thorne Smith) £6
Footsteps On The Teign (Davey J Ashfield) £6
Now You’re The Artist…Deal With It (Lee Benson) £7
An Inspector Called (Ian Meacheam) £7
Abuse Cocaine & Soft Furnishings (Andrew Sparke) £6
Copper Trance & Motorways (Andrew Sparke) £6
Momentary Lapses In Concentration (Phil Thomson) £6
Between Two Mountains (Paul C Walsh) £6
Life Unfinished (Martin White) £7
Running Elections 2020 £18
Brindley Out, Telford Home (Ted Hiscock) £10
Bella In The Wych Elm (Andrew Sparke) £5
War Shadows (Andrew Sparke) £4
Your Kid and Crohn’s (William Sparke) £5
Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm? (Alex Merrill) £6
Stress To Success Stories (Hansa Pankhania) £6
What I Think About When I Think About Aikido (Mark Peckett) £6
More Swings Than Roundabouts (John Wright) £6
Irrational Thoughts & Random Rhymes (HR Beasley) £4
Jottings and Scribbles (Lee Benson)£7
Now You’re The Artist…Deal With It (Lee Benson) £7
Fluid Edges (David Hamilton)£6
Dub Truth (Kokumo Noxid) £6
Pipe Dreams (Kokumo Noxid) £6
Gutter Verse & The Baboon Concerto (Andrew Sparke) £6
Mother Lode (Andrew Sparke) £6
Still, but still moving (Phil Thomson) £6
Riding The Top Deck (John Wright) £5
Wild Life (David Kiteley) £5
Elsewhere (Joanna Leszczynska) £8
Floozie In The Jacuzzi (Jon Jones) £8
Exotic Monochrome £35 (Hardcover)
Very Best Erotic Photography £4
Erotic Photography Series 1 (10 books) £69
Erotic Photography Series 2 (10 books) £69
Erotic Photography Series 3 (10 books) £69
Erotic Photography Series 4 (10 books) £69
Erotic Photography Series 5 (10 books) £69
Erotic Photography Series 6 (10 books) £69
Erotic Photography of Eastern Europe £7
Erotic Photography of Sakkmesterke £6
Any Colour As Long As It’s Black £8
Erotic Photography of Forewer £6
The Muse £8
The Muse On The Sofa £7
Raven-Haired Beauty £8
Stockings On Perfect Legs £8
Gluteus Perfectus £9
Adult Games £8
Fifty Shades Of Bondage £8
Erotic Monochrome £7
NoBeast (Pete Sears) £5
Cars & Girls £8
Girls Of The Military Mansion £8
Monochrome & Shadow £7
Russian Girl In My Bed
Thai Girl In My Bed £7
Polish Model In My Bed
A Couple In Love £7
The Athletic Nude £9
Erotic Collages £7
Russian Erotic Photography £8
Ukrainian Erotic Photography £7
Spanish Erotic Photography £7
Norwegian Erotic Photography £7
Thai Erotic Photography £8
American Erotic Photography £7
Polish Erotic Photography £7
Galina Tcivina £8
Masters Of Russian Bondage £8
The French Maid & Other Fantasies £8
In Blue Jeans £7
Let Her Breasts Satisfy Thee £7
Modelling Pantyhose £7
Erotic Hosiery £8
Russian Girl Back In My Bed £8
Polish Model Back In My Bed £8
Little Black Dress £7
The American Way £7
The Argentinian Water Baby £7
Khazakstani Erotic Photography £7
Tattoboo £7
My Little China Girl £8
Nylon or Lace £8
The Heart Shape £8
Undressing For Lust £7
A Study In Scarlet £7
The Shower £8
Unlacing The Bride £7
Erotic Art of Vladislav Nice £7
The Bounty £8
The Mask £8
The Lure of Leather £8
Kind of Blue £8
Veronika £7
Reviewing Veronika £7
Thai Nudes I £8
Thai Nudes II £8
Sexy Black and White £6
Swiss Erotic Photography £8

Initiation (Pete Sears) £7

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SEARS Exotic Monochrome 9781789961638
SPARKE Wild Verse 9781789960396

BENSON Shapely Curves and Bumpers 9781912309948
KITELEY Wild Life 9781911310532
LESZCZYNSKA Elsewhere 9781912309177
RUSKIN Dresses To Die For 9781912309924
RUSKIN Portraits From The Golden Age of Hollywood 9781789960617
SEARS Perfect Legs 9781912309993
SPARKE England By iPad 9781912309603
SPARKE Gdansk By iPad 9781789960655
SPARKE Images 9781912309955
SPARKE Istanbul In Pictures 9781912309931

The Very Best Erotic Photography 9781789961416
Series 1
Adult Games 9781789960570
Any Colour As Long As It’s Black 9781789960518
Erotic Photography of Eastern Europe 9781789960549
Erotic Photography of Forewer 9781789960532
Erotic Photography of Sakkmesterke 9781789960525
Fifty Shades Of Bondage 9781789960594
Gluteus Perfectus 9781789960556
Monochrome Erotica 9781789960822
Stockings On Perfect Legs 9781789960600
The Muse On the Sofa 9781789960839
Series 2
Nylon or Lace 9781789961386
Polish Model Back In My Bed 9781789961188
Polish Model In My Bed 9781789961171
Raven-Haired Beauty 9781789960563
Russian Erotic Photography 9781789961133
Russian Girl Back In My Bed 9781789961195
Russian Girl In My Bed 9781789961003
Thai Erotic Photography 9781789961119
The Athletic Nude 9781789961157
The Muse 9781789960587
Series 3
A Couple In Love 9781789961164
American Way 9781789961324
Cars And Girls 9781789960952
Erotic Collages 9781789961140
Girls Of The Military Mansion 9781789960990
Masters Of Russian Bondage 9781789961072
Monochrome & Shadow 9781789961379
My Little China Girl 9781789961362
Thai Girl In My Bed 9781789961010
The Little Black Dress 9781789961317
Series 4
American Erotic Photography 9781789961096
Argentinian Water Baby 9781789961331
Galina Tcivina 9781789961089
Khazakstani Erotic Photography 9781789961348
Norwegian Erotic Photography 9781789961102
Polish Erotic Photography 9781789961126
Spanish Erotic Photography 9781789961034
Swiss Erotic Photography 9781789961737
Tattoboo 9781789961355
Ukrainian Erotic Photography 9781789961027
Series 5
Erotic Hosiery 9781789961041
In Blue Jeans 9781789961065
Let Her Breasts Satisfy Thee 9781789961218
Modelling Pantyhose 9781789961058
Peaches 9781789961393
Study In Scarlet 9781789961645
The Bounty 9781789961706
The French Maid & Other Fantasies 9781789961201
The Shower 9781789961652
Undressing For Lust 9781789961409
Series 6
Erotic Art Of Vladislav Nice 9781789961676
Kind Of Blue 9781789961683
Lure Of Leather 9781789961690
Reviewing Veronika 9781789961768
Sexy Black and White 9781789961775
Thai Nudes I 9781789961744
Thai Nudes II 9781789961751
The Mask 9781789961713
Unlacing The Bride 9781789961669
Veronika 9781789961720

Alex Harvey 9781912309375
Amon Duul II 9781912309337
Andy White 9781912309405
Blue Nile 9781912309573
Can 9781912309733
Catherine Howe 9781912309429
Cher 9781912309368
Clifford T. Ward 9781912309191
Culture 9781789960471
Curved Air 9781789960648
Dan Whitehouse 9781912309771
Ekseption 9781789960778
Fagans 9781789960082
Faust 9781912309122
Focus 9781789960891
Gentle Giant 9781789960631
Graham Parker 9781789960280
Ian Hunter 9781789960662
Ijahman 9781912309313
Jethro Tull 9781789960433
John Martyn 9781912309344
John Stewart 9781912309382
Kate Bush 9781912309283
Kevin Ayers 9781912309399
Led Zeppelin 9781912309412
Leonard Cohen 9781912309900
Linda Rondstadt 9781789960808
Luka Bloom 9781789960716
Madison Violet 9781789961591
Meal Ticket 9781912309443
Patricia Kaas 9781789961294
Pavlov’s Dog 9781789961454
Pink Floyd 9781912309665
Pretenders 9781912309894
Show Of Hands 9781912309788
Starry Eyed and Laughing 9781912309436
Steve Gibbons 9781912309351
Sting 9781912309290
Stomu Yamash’ta 9781789960747
Tom Waits 9781912309306
Tori Amos 9781912309320
Troggs 9781912309092
Warren Zevon 9781789960723
Wishbone Ash 9781789960693
Wonder Stuff 9781789961621
ZZ Top 9781789960945

DOUMERC Dub Poets In Their Own Words 9781548515386
DOUMERC Jamaican Music In England 9781912309269
DOUMERC Joseph Hill And Culture (The Life & Times & Recordings Of) 9781789960464
HORSFALL Essential Orchestral Works 9781534861923
MORTON Retrospective 9781789961539
SPARKE Stourbridge Connection 9781789961614

ASHFIELD Contracting With The Devil 9781789960235
ASHFIELD Footsteps On The Teign 9781789960372
ASHFIELD Turkey and One More Easter Egg 9781789960303
BASS Hornbeams 9781789960440
BEASLEY Nothing Left To Hide 9781537757049
BENSON No Naked Walls (Deluxe) 9781789961522
BENSON No Naked Walls 9781789961461
BENSON Now You’re The Artist…Deal With It 9781912309917
BENSON So You Want To Own An Art Gallery 9781911310150
BENSON Where’s Your Art Gallery Now 9781911310921
BYRNE Damage Limitation 9781912309252
DARCY Ladybird Ladybird 9781789960969
DICKINSON Franzi The Hero Part I 9781789962147
GRAYLING A Week’s A Long Time 9781789961584
HARVEY J Pandemic 9781912309160
HENRI Abducted By Faerie 9781912309634
HENRI Death Of The Duchess Of Grasmere 1546585145978
HENRI Mister Penny Whistle 9781543082142
LUPUS An Extra Knot Part I 9781789960228
LUPUS An Extra Knot Part II 9781789969979
LUPUS An Extra Knot Part III 9781789960273
LUPUS An Extra Knot Part IV 9781789960501
LUPUS An Extra Knot Part V 9781789961485
LUPUS An Extra Knot Part VI 9781789962093
MEACHEAM An Inspector Called 9781911310266
MEACHEAM Time And The Consequences 9781789961478
MEACHEAM Broad Lines Narrow Margins 9781789962000
PITT Leaving Lewis 9781789962024
ROWLANDS Traitor Lodger German Spy 9781912309474
SPARKE Abuse Cocaine & Soft Furnishings 9780957621121
SPARKE Copper Trance & Motorways 9780957621183
THOMPSON Momentary Lapses In Concentration 9781911310891
WALSH Hallowed Turf 9781789961256
WALSH Place Between The Mountains 9781912309511
WHITE Life Unfinished 9781911310860
WOOLFENDEN Mystique 9781789960914

CHESTERTON Club Of Queer Trades 9781912309627
DICKENS The Children’s Dickens 9781789962031
FAULKNER Moonfleet 9781912309689
ORCZY Old Hungarian Fairy Tales 9781789961225
SMITH T Biltmore Oswald: The Diary Of A Hapless Recruit 9781789961232
SMITH T Birthday Present & Yonder’s Henry 9781789960266
SMITH T Bishop’s Jaegers 9781912309702
SMITH T Complete War Diaries Of Biltmore Oswald 9781789961270
SMITH T Did She Fall? 9781789960006
SMITH T Dream’s End 9781912309276
SMITH T Glorious Pool 9781912309818
SMITH T Jovial Ghosts 9781912309801
SMITH T Night Life Of The Gods 9781789960013
SMITH T Out O’Luck: Biltmore Oswald Very Much At Sea 9781789961249
SMITH T Rain In The Doorway 9781912309870
SMITH T Skin and Bones 9781789960037
SMITH T Stray Lamb 9781912309825
SMITH T Topper Takes A Trip 9781789960020
SMITH T Turnabout 9781912309832

HARVEY M Shattered Rose 9781912309542
HENRI Twenty Pieces Of Silver 9781912309726
JENKINS Dracula 9781789962130
JENKINS Four Lambs In Ahmici 9781789960389
JENKINS Mothers Of Birkenau 9781789961577
WRIGHT Sixteen Screenplays 9781789960242

Horned God 9781537675879
Initiation 9781911310303
NoBeast 9781912309887

BEASLEY Irrational Thoughts 9781911310808
BENSON Close But Not Close Enough 9781544925615
BENSON Every Picture Hides A Friend 9781540318671
BENSON Failing To Be Serious 9781535075701
BENSON Got It Right 9781789962055
BENSON Jottings and Scribbles 9781912309221
BENSON Meandering With Intent 9781535075732
BENSON Random Word Trips 9781789960204
CRUMP Backing Into The Limelight 9781543068924
CRUMP Edging Out Of The Shadows 9781546880943
EMPRESS P Words Of Expression 9781789960365
GODFREY Inside Looking Out 9781789960341
HAMILTON Fluid Edges 9781912309566
LOWRIE Goddess Woman Butterfly Human 9781912309795
MEACHEAM Shining Lights Dark Matters 9781985345232
MEACHEAM Stone People Glass Houses 9781911310968
MORTON Word Bombs 9781541329461
NOXID Dub Truth 9781912309658
NOXID Pipe Dream 9781912309481
PATMORE Boys Of Winter 9781789961607
PATMORE Phantom Verses 9781789962109
PATMORE Silent Songs Of Owen Parsnip 9781789961300
REVIE Highwayman, Pink Carnations & The Re-Allocated Coal Scuttle 9781912309085
SMITH M The Gathering 9781984034748
SMITH T Haunts and By-Paths 9781789960310
SPARKE Broken English 9781534887862
SPARKE Fractured Time 9781534887244
SPARKE Gutter Verse & The Baboon Concerto 9781911310006
SPARKE Love & Levity 9781539792307
SPARKE Mother Lode 9781911310914
SPARKE Refracted Light 9781534886711
SPARKE Tea Among Kiwis 9781976059520
SPARKE Tequila & Me 9781976059551
SPARKE Vital Nonsense 9781534885134
SPARKE Wicked Virtue 9781539472278
THOMPSON Still But Still Moving 9781911310259
WRIGHT Riding The Top Deck 9781789960181
V/A Artists 4 Syria 9781539532446
V/A Walking The Edge 9781534888401

BENSON Adventures Of Alien Egg 9781911310525
BENSON Adventures Of Dan Bear 9781540406361
BENSON Adventures Of Henry Egg 9781911310495
BENSON Half A Dozen Of One9781546813705
BENSON Six Of Another 9781544925172
CRUMP Animals Creepy Crawlies & Other Stories 9781546839156
GEORGE Jakrack 9781912309559
PETERS Nigel Spalliwham Is Famous Now! 9781789960495
PIERPOINT Dragon’s Awakening (large full colour) 9781789961508 / (b&w) 9781789961515
PIERPOINT Hungry Dragon 9781789960327
SMITH T Lazy Bear Lane 9781912309863
WHITTON Demelza The Duck 9781789960457
WHITTON Ferdy The Frog 9781789960358

DICKINSON Croc Curry & Texas Tea 9781534833937
GILES Where Heaven Touches Earth 9781912309047
HART Tithes & Offerings 9781534862913
HORSFALL/SPARKE Changing Lives 9781534875876
HOWE London Story 1848 9781789960853
HYTNER Countdown Cath 9781789962017
LAURENCE Painful Chapter In The History Of Lincoln Cathedral 9781789960297
LUND Man And His Bees 9781912309535
MERRILL A Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm? Volume 2 A Crime Shrouded In Mystery 9781789960624
MERRILL A Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm? Volume.1 The Crime Scene Revisited 9781912309108
MERRILL P Bella In The Wych-Elm: Bella’s Facial Reconstruction 9781789961492
MERRILL P Devil’s Cauldron 9781979550475
MORGAN/SPARKE Ballet Changed My Life 9781912309580
MORRIS/HEATH Running Elections 9781789961430
PANKHANIA Stress To Success Stories 9781912309498
PECKETT What I Think About When I Think About Aikido 9781911310822
PITT Beating The Banana 9781537710839
PITT Erstwhile Buddhist 9781789961263
PITT Tales From Pinfold Farm 9781912309641
ROBERTS Glimpses Into Sutton (1800-1850) 9781789962123
SORENSON EyeToI 9781789962079
SPARKE Aramoana 9781789960143
SPARKE Bella In The Wych Elm 9781912309238
SPARKE Food and Cancer Prevention 9781537526157
SPARKE Indie Publishing 9781789960419
SPARKE Istanbul 9781789960334
SPARKE Magna Carta Wars Of Lincoln Cathedral 9781789960211
SPARKE Piggery Jokery In Tonga 9781912309764
SPARKE Rear Gunner 9781534853140
SPARKE Stutthof 9781911310273
SPARKE War Shadows 9781911310181
SPARKE Ways Of Mevagissey 9781537220512
SPARKE W Your Kid and Crohns 9781534814622
WRIGHT More Swings Than Roundabouts 9781983526060

Lockdown 9781789962062
One Shot Charlie’s Tattoo Colouring Book 9781789962048

ABIGAIL Deeply Meaningful Poetry For Very Serious People 9781789960150
COOPER Murder Club: Useless Deaths Part 1 9781911310976
COOPER Murder Club: Useless Deaths Part 2 9781912309504
HIBBETT Record Of A Speech by The Rebel Robert Kett 9781789960938
HISCOCK Brindley Out Telford Home 9781789960921
HISCOCK Hiscock’s Grand Tour 9781912309610
HISCOCK Twelve Generations Seven Families 9781912309528
V/A New Street Stories 9781912309849
WAKE Atcode 9781912309450
WAKE Crossing The Bridge 9781911310983
WAKE Death On The Suez 9781789960167
WAKE Hashtag 9781789960174
WAKE Plus Sign 9781789961447
WAKE Roninko 9781789960846
WAKE/CONWAY Punk Publishing 9781911310990