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Wild Verse (Andrew Sparke) £15
Exotic Monochrome (Signed limited edition of 50) £35
Adventures of Alien Egg (Lee Benson) £7
Demelza The Duck (Barbara Whitton)£5
Hungry Dragon (Wanda Pierpoint) £5
Robot Meg (Vivien Sabal) £5
Lazy Bear lane (Thorne Smith) £6
Footsteps On The Teign (Davey J Ashfield) £6
Now You’re The Artist…Deal With It (Lee Benson) £7
An Inspector Called (Ian Meacheam) £7
Abuse Cocaine & Soft Furnishings (Andrew Sparke) £6
Copper Trance & Motorways (Andrew Sparke) £6
Momentary Lapses In Concentration (Phil Thomson) £6
Between Two Mountains (Paul C Walsh) £6
Life Unfinished (Martin White) £7
Running Elections 2020 £18
Brindley Out, Telford Home (Ted Hiscock) £10
Bella In The Wych Elm (Andrew Sparke) £5
War Shadows (Andrew Sparke) £4
Your Kid and Crohn’s (William Sparke) £5
Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm? (Alex Merrill) £6
Stress To Success Stories (Hansa Pankhania) £6
What I Think About When I Think About Aikido (Mark Peckett) £6
More Swings Than Roundabouts (John Wright) £6
Irrational Thoughts & Random Rhymes (HR Beasley) £4
Jottings and Scribbles (Lee Benson)£7
Now You’re The Artist…Deal With It (Lee Benson) £7
Fluid Edges (David Hamilton)£6
Dub Truth (Kokumo Noxid) £6
Pipe Dreams (Kokumo Noxid) £6
Gutter Verse & The Baboon Concerto (Andrew Sparke) £6
Mother Lode (Andrew Sparke) £6
Still, but still moving (Phil Thomson) £6
Riding The Top Deck (John Wright) £5
Wild Life (David Kiteley) £5
Elsewhere (Joanna Leszczynska) £8
Floozie In The Jacuzzi (Jon Jones) £8
Exotic Monochrome £35 (Hardcover)
Very Best Erotic Photography £4
Erotic Photography Series 1 (10 books) £69
Erotic Photography Series 2 (10 books) £69
Erotic Photography Series 3 (10 books) £69
Erotic Photography Series 4 (10 books) £69
Erotic Photography Series 5 (10 books) £69
Erotic Photography Series 6 (10 books) £69
Erotic Photography of Eastern Europe £7
Erotic Photography of Sakkmesterke £6
Any Colour As Long As It’s Black £8
Erotic Photography of Forewer £6
The Muse £8
The Muse On The Sofa £7
Raven-Haired Beauty £8
Stockings On Perfect Legs £8
Gluteus Perfectus £9
Adult Games £8
Fifty Shades Of Bondage £8
Erotic Monochrome £7
NoBeast (Pete Sears) £5
Cars & Girls £8
Girls Of The Military Mansion £8
Monochrome & Shadow £7
Russian Girl In My Bed
Thai Girl In My Bed £7
Polish Model In My Bed
A Couple In Love £7
The Athletic Nude £9
Erotic Collages £7
Russian Erotic Photography £8
Ukrainian Erotic Photography £7
Spanish Erotic Photography £7
Norwegian Erotic Photography £7
Thai Erotic Photography £8
American Erotic Photography £7
Polish Erotic Photography £7
Galina Tcivina £8
Masters Of Russian Bondage £8
The French Maid & Other Fantasies £8
In Blue Jeans £7
Let Her Breasts Satisfy Thee £7
Modelling Pantyhose £7
Erotic Hosiery £8
Russian Girl Back In My Bed £8
Polish Model Back In My Bed £8
Little Black Dress £7
The American Way £7
The Argentinian Water Baby £7
Khazakstani Erotic Photography £7
Tattoboo £7
My Little China Girl £8
Nylon or Lace £8
The Heart Shape £8
Undressing For Lust £7
A Study In Scarlet £7
The Shower £8
Unlacing The Bride £7
Erotic Art of Vladislav Nice £7
The Bounty £8
The Mask £8
The Lure of Leather £8
Kind of Blue £8
Veronika £7
Reviewing Veronika £7
Thai Nudes I £8
Thai Nudes II £8
Sexy Black and White £6
Swiss Erotic Photography £8

Initiation (Pete Sears) £7

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