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Available Titles (UK Postage included)
Nothing Left To Hide (HR Beasley) £8.50
Irrational Thoughts & Random Rhymes (HR Beasley) £5.50
Jottings and Scribbles (Lee Benson)£7.50
Adventures of Alien Egg (Lee Benson) £10.50
Adventures Of Dan Bear (Lee Benson) £10.50
Adventures Of Shelly Egg (Lee Benson) £10.50
So You Want To Own An Art Gallery (Lee Benson) £7.50
Provenance (Robert S.Field) £9.50
Wild Life (David Kiteley) £7.00
An Inspector Called (Ian Meacheam)£9.00
What I Think When I Think About Aikido (Mark Peckett) £8.00
Robot Meg (Vivien Sabal) £7.50
Abuse Cocaine & Soft Furnishings (Andrew Sparke) £7.50
Gutter Verse & The Baboon Concerto (Andrew Sparke) £7.50
War Shadows (Andrew Sparke) £6.25
Copper Trance & Motorways (Andrew Sparke) £7.50
Still, but still moving (Phil Thomson) £7.50
Momentary Lapses In Concentration (Phil Thomson) £8.00
Life Unfinished (Martin White) £8.00

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