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Franzi may be an Orangutan but he has a war to win – or rather he faces the challenge of helping Britain, the Commonwealth and the Empire to defeat the Axis Powers. Of course there’s the little hurdle posed by his incarceration in a zoo. So how can he get Churchill, Barnes Wallis, R.V. Jones and Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Roger Keyes, to take it seriously that he really does know how to best Hitler?
Just whatever you do, don’t mistake him for a monkey!
Alternative history that’s guaranteed to make you grin. Not that there’s much that’s alternative about Franzi. He’s as real as Teddy Roosevelt.

The business culture in Nigeria is wholly alien to the way things are done in the UK and the USA. For one thing a Friday night treat is a Crocodile Madras. For another, Texas Tea, the first gush of oil from a new well, means wealth beyond belief And for yet another the threat of violence is ever-present. This book is in part an amusing travelogue and part deadly serious guidance on what to expect if you find yourself going to work there.First title in the WORKING THE WORLD series with two further titles on surviving Moscow and Vietnam to follow.


In his own words:

“Never give up, never give in – and life will take you in some interesting directions! Back in the dim and distant past, I was in the RAF studying IT at UMIST, flunked a course and got axed in the defence cuts.
Twenty years on I was back in the RAF running all the IT for Support Command during Op Granby (Gulf War part 1). Fancied a change and headed up IT for an NHS Trust. Nightmare, so moved on to Nigeria with IBM and Shell.
Worked as consultant with various governments worldwide and the World Bank. Wonderful time all over the world in places I never imagined I’d get to visit.
Back in the UK juggled multiple roles working with a maverick consultancy assisting multi nationals to transform their businesses, as an assistive technology expert for the disabled, as MD for my wife’s expert medical witness service and carrying out various other projects including bio-diesel (see Andrew Sparke’s ‘Piggery Jokery In Tonga’) renewables and online safety.
But in the background there was always ‘the book’. Started on my novel three times but never finished. But now I’m on a roll writing about my experiences across the globe. Hope you enjoy them and who knows I might yet finish the novel!”

‘Croc Curry…’ will hopefully soon be followed by:


Hard at work in Tonga with Shannon Ballantine