As someone completely non-technical when it comes to cameras, one of my skills lies in recognising great images and I have great respect for those who can make them. Aided by a good printer APS Books is now able to offer small print runs on silk finish photographic paper at affordable cost whether you want 20 copies of a book of your work or a lot more to sell yourself. Just email us at

PAPERBACKS (Click on image for details and prices)

To get the full effect of ‘Elsewhere’, ‘Wild Life’ and ‘Visions Of Avalon’ we have editions printed on high quality silk finish paper for £10, £5 and £12 a copy respectively – not available from Amazon only from us. Similarly ‘The Floozie In The Jacuzzi’ is  only available from us or from Jon Jones himself.

See also the EROTIC PHOTOGRAPHY page.

Pssst! Who’s your friend?

Ultimately we plan to publish an introductory book for each of our photographer friends including photo journals from Iran, Bangladesh, Greenland and Australia.