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Mark’s martial arts books aren’t manuals of Aikido techniques. There are already plenty of those. They’re about Aikido principles and how anyone can use them to live more fully. Taking examples from the martial arts, music, literature, science, religion and everyday life – everything from driving a car to dancing – here are lessons for making simple changes in our lives. They’re not just for people who practise Aikido, but for anyone who feels life could be a bit better. And if you do practise Aikido, it might just improve that too.
As a contrast Mark has already written the first volume of a young adults fantasy series, The Strange Gods trilogy and contributed short stories to ‘Seven Stages’.

Mark Peckett has been practising aikido for over 40 years. He was awarded his 1st dan by Shihan Ralph Reynolds, one of the first British aikido black belts. Since then he has studied under many sensei both in Britain and abroad and he is now 5th dan. In 2011 he started his own club, Goshin Aikido, and became chief instructor of Aikido Academy UK in 2014. He teaches aikido at weekly classes and at seminars as well as a system of exercise he has devised called Bodyworx for people who want the benefits of the martial arts without the kicking, punching or throwing. He is also a certified teacher of Lee Style Tai Chi.


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