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“I started to read The Danger Lies in Fear with no idea of where the book would take me apart from the short back-cover blurb. Imagine taking a Sunday drive out in the countryside in a vintage car, just taking in the views of the countryside and then being accelerated to 90 miles an hour in a Porsche. The writing is captivating and full of wit, humor and white knuckle emotional rides, giving the reader an exciting and different perspective of an intelligent young Jamaican emigrating to England. Milton Godfrey’s writing has depth and I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Danger Lies in Fear and would highly recommend this book.” (Amazon review by PRECIOUS)

Milton Godfrey is a professional musician and as a freelance writer and playwright, one of the early initiators of black theatre in Birmingham. His television credits include ‘Reflections Of A Journey’ for Central Television and his work with the Birmingham Rep and Birmingham Conservatoire includes ‘Nights In Darkness’, ‘Sister Baptiste’, ‘Education’, and ‘The Lampshade Man.’