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‘The Horned God’ is a short adult fantasy  illustrated with Igor Igorovitch’s erotic photographs.

The sexual adventures of a previously dissatisfied young woman. Introduced to the mysterious Forum, Catherine Rei finds herself becoming addicted to the dark pleasures of multiple sexual partners and bondage. “A graphically beautiful erotic odyssey.”

Pete Sears is the pseudonym of a civil or even uncivil servant who writes modern erotica. A near contemporary of his publisher at Teignmouth Grammar School, he was google searching and discovered the serendipitous existence of APS Publications just as he was finishing his first full length novel. The rest is history and completion of a cycle for the self-described ‘failed class clown’ who as a twelve year old resorted to writing short lubricious pieces and selling them to his classmates at sixpence a time … an early indicator of commercial acumen. At some stage he would like to retire and write full time. He has a number of ideas for future books but his publisher is intent on getting him to finish the Catherine Rei quartet of which so far only the first part has been published.

COMING 2022 the second novel in the CATHERINE REI series titled OBEDIENCE. Pete Sears is also dabbling with a first book featuring dragons ‘The Dragon Bride’: On Dragon’s Day, the tribute of a young virgin must be delivered. But the country is running dangerously short of high-born virgins. The nearest thing they can find is the Spice Merchant’s daughter. A feisty girl who has every intention of living to enjoy the sexual satisfaction of her dreams, dragon or no dragon.

Pete’s inspiration comes in part from the erotic potential realised in the picture below. Anyone know the artist known only as NoBeast?


Pete’s artbook ‘NoBeast’ uses NoBeast’s work as a springboard for a selection of deeply sexual verses. The book is available as a deluxe edition on silk finished paper only direct from us. See the UK BOOK BUY page of this website.

Another distraction from writing for Pete has been tackling the arduous but pleasurable task of curating a series – currently 200 titles with 120 more to come in 2022/3 – of erotic Photography books – mainly work from Eastern European artists. These too are available as deluxe editions on silk finished paper only direct from us. See the EROTIC PHOTOGRAPHY and UK BOOK BUY pages of this website or you will find them listed for sale by us on

Finally a verse from Pete with due apology to A.A.Milne:


This is a tale of three little foxies
Who didn’t use stockings to play with their cocksies.
They didn’t have dungeons to lurk in with their girlies
And didn’t do bondage and other things only rarely.
They did wander out in the hedges and the copses
But didn’t go dogging in the woods till they flopsied.
They didn’t come often and their sex lives weren’t lively
And they didn’t have fetishes to share with the wifey.
They weren’t into leather and they didn’t gambol gayly
And they didn’t dress for pleasure in lingerie daily.
In fact the truth is the three little foxsies
Were unlike any of us thrill-seeking doxies.