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Out now ‘Contracting With The Devil’

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“I have lived, worked, laughed and cried with so many wonderfully interesting and crazy people across the globe that I knew one day I’d have to write down the tapestry of our shared lives. Many years ago I promised the great people of the North East, and especially my father and family that I would write their story. ‘You have your tickets, Davey, you could write a book’; that from the good folks of the Mining Welfare club in Durham in 1974, because as I went to University I could obviously read and write! So I did, and wrote ‘Turkey’ and then ‘Devil’ which Andrew in his delusion has promised to sell in their millions.

“I have a PhD in medical research and worked in many Industries in diverse positions – as drug salesman, non executive director in the NHS, and CEO of a Singapore listed Engineering company. I ran my own communications and business improvement consultancy for 15 years in Asia Pacific and I am considered a leader in cross cultural communication, execution and alignment of mega projects for the Oil and Gas business.

“Now I live in Devon, a beautiful part of the world and a place full of wonderful, colourful people who will make up the threads of the next book I intend writing, ‘Frog on the Teign’, when I get the time in between writing this blurb. I have other work in progress not least ‘Tin Baths, Hot Summers and Rock and Roll’, the story of my misspent youth.

“Having given up the purgatory of real work, I missed the buzz and multi cultural life at first and some days I really get down still. Writing picks me up, I chuckle and I reminisce about good times and great people. It gives me purpose and keeps me out of the pub until opening time! I could ramble on about hobbies, motivations, travel and all that great stuff but really dear readers I have one passion -,well two, but beer isn’t one I should admit is important. So my real challenge is to live my life like Christ…I fail miserably but it gives me something to strive for and He never leaves me behind. Thank God.

“Enjoy the tales…”