PAPERBACKS (Click on image for details and prices)

The sexual adventures of a previously dissatisfied young woman. Introduced to the mysterious Forum, Catherine Rei finds herself becoming addicted to the dark pleasures of multiple sexual partners and bondage. “A graphically beautiful erotic odyssey.”

‘The Horned God’ is a short adult fantasy  illustrated with Igor Igorovitch’s erotic photographs.

Coming soon:
The Dragon Bride

Finally we also sell a series of erotic photography books curated by Pete Sears and a booklet of the homo-erotic work of the anonymous artist NoBeast. These are available as deluxe editions on silk finished paper only direct from us. See the UK BOOK BUY page of this website where each title in the series is post-free to UK customers or you will find them listed for sale by us on and the full set is also available on

The Erotic Photography of Eastern Europe
Any Colour As Long As It’s Black
The Erotic Photography of Sakkmesterke
The Erotic Photography of Forewer
The Muse
The Muse On The Sofa
Raven-Haired Beauty
Stockings On Perfect Legs
Gluteus Perfectus
Adult Games
Fifty Shades Of Bondage
Erotic Monochrome

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