This arm of APS Books covers rock music, in which I have a fanatical interest, as well as reggae, country, soul and classical music thanks to the expertise of my friends Eric Doumerc and Keith Horsfall and a small assembled army of compilers including Lee Benson, Chris and Nick Ware, Ian Blenkinsop, John Pierpoint, Jeff Appleton, Mike Curtis. Ian Meacheam, Jill Griffin, Peter Raposo, Trevor Robinson, Austin Gregory and Andrew Môn Hughes.

MUSIC BOOKS (Click on image for details and prices – paperback, Kindle eBook and where available deluxe hardcover)


With nearly over 150 discographies out already the target is to expand the series to 250 titles so more coming before long.


Marketa inputting Amazon Kindle links

3 Responses to MUSIC

  1. Roger Haydock. says:

    Trying to get hold of a copy of “Sandy Denny-Complete Recordings” A.P.Sparke.
    Can you help ?
    Many thanks

    • APS Books says:

      Good news is that issues with Amazon are resolved and the drive is on to expand the series from current 50 already available titles to 250 this year. Finishing Sandy Denny discography is in hand with a co-author called John Phillips and it is now scheduled for publication on or before 1st March.

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