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Adele grew up in Solihull in the West Midlands. She trained to become a primary school teacher and later a children’s yoga teacher. She taught for many years before setting up her own business: Workshops For Schools and Nurseries.

She delivers workshops in schools for health and well-being, Science and Art and also places freelance, talented practitioners and artists in schools thus providing a great resource and first hand experiences for children and young adults in educational settings all over the UK.

Having the opportunity to relocate more recently to Somerset provided her with inspiration to write her first children’s story. Young children love to hear personal stories and so an idea evolved!

The book is aimed at 5-9 years olds. It’s fun to read but a on a serious note addresses the issues of conservation and wildlife that can promote further discussion and interest.

Adele’s artist, Bob Moulder, is a freelance illustrator and writer. He has visited numerous schools through Workshops For Schools and Nurseries.