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Small changes – screwing an extra knot out of a warship’s engines or a petty functionary insisting a family sell a wedding clock before they can get unemployment benefit – small changes which can nevertheless lead to a different world war than the one we know explored from the viewpoint of Republican Spaniards, committed Nazis, British parliamentarians and Royal Naval officers to name but a few.
PART II The war continues to depart from the record as Jorge battles for Asturias, Pulver sails on HMS Hood, The Bismarck nears completion and the Germans contemplate the invasion of Spain…Now the war really starts!

What Hugh does is extrapolate small changes of circumstance and shape an entirely different wartime scenario for both Allied and Axis powers. And he writes very lyrically too even about the bloodiest elements of human conflict.

And since Part I was published in February 2019 the series has already sold thousands of copies.

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Hugh comes from an engineering background, lives in New Zealand and writes under a pseudonym drawn from his own family’s history.