– You write
– We do a final edit
– We provide cover art
– We publish print on demand paperbacks and eBooks
– You pay no charges for publishing
– We do traditionally printed books too
– We both market your book
– You get 50% royalties

Does that sound fair? We exist to help our authors not to exploit them.

We do not charge to publish your book. Instead we work on a 50/50 royalty share basis. We keep a stock of ISBNs and can allocate one to your book and register your title, a description and categorisation of the work and its front cover with Nielsens and others to get you started on marketing your book more widely.

Among others, we already publish all the other authors who have individual pages on this website.


As an alternative to full on publishing, we can instead produce limited editions of 5 or more copies of your book  at affordable cost for private circulation to friends and family or for direct sale by the author rather than official publication.



Ever since I set up my own publishing imprint and published ‘Indie Publishing: The Journey Made Easy’ on Kindle to persuade people that DIY is the way to go rather than wasting time chasing elusive agents and even rarer publishing deals, I’ve had regular approaches from many lovely refuseniks who just want to produce a manuscript and have someone else organise their editing and publication. And of course these are time-consuming processes that take you away from the business of writing. So APS Books can do it for you. Look at the the different subject pages on this website and then feel free to email us. Or you might want to come along to our Creative group meetings if you’re in the Birmingham area – see the WRITERS GROUPS page on this website.

“Kindle and print on demand have revolutionised ePublishing and we’re exploring how far we can use the ease of access to readers Amazon provides.”


We believe in Indie Publishing as a tool for writers to publish books which if left to traditional publishers would probably never see the light of day. It’s why ‘Indie Publishing: The Journey Made Easy’ exists and why APS Publications offers to take a decent manuscript and turn it into an eBook or paperback book, sharing the costs and royalties to help those without ready access to capital or who don’t have the time or energy to spare from the key business of writing the next book or otherwise earning a living.

There ought however to be another route for those who want a publishing imprint set up for them to control and run as a vehicle for their own works and those of other friends, family and associates – the self-same business model from which our operations are building and evolving. So what we can provide is a complete set-up package and ongoing available support. Just email to talk or to meet us for a coffee.

‘Indie Publishing: The Journey Made Easy’ is a 70 page overview of the skills an indie writer and publisher needs to develop, but in planning is a much more extensive do-it-yourself guide.

“For anyone contemplating self-publishing a book for the first time, I can highly recommend Andrew Sparke’s book ‘Indie Publishing – the Journey Made Easy.’ This ebook covers everything that the author needs to know about self-publishing as well as how to become a professional, self-publishing entity. The ‘journey’ takes the self-publisher through the essential steps and stages involved in formatting a manuscript for upload to various platforms such as Kindle and Smashwords, through to how to use social media and other means to market the final product. Having gone through the process myself, I use Andrew’s book as reference material; however, it is equally valuable to the first-time e-author.” (David Muir November 2013)

Checklist of actions. Initial preparations.
Setting up your imprint. Registering with Nielsen.
ISBN allocation. Registering with BowkerLink
Writing tools. Front matter. Back matter. Title.
Cover art. QR coding. Editing. Test readers.
Formatting for Kindle. Formatting for other e-readers. Formatting for printing. Uploading on Kindle.
Uploading on Smashwords. Printing hard copies.
BIC categorisation. Title notification. Deposit copies. Pricing. Marketing options. Marketing through social media. Retail outlets. Distribution. Economics. Tax issues.
US Withholding Tax issues. Further reading. Useful websites.


Alice hard at work (hah) in our stockroom


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