Why APS Books? Because we love new books and hate that writers get low percentage royalties or feel they have to pay to be published…contact


– You write
– We do a final edit
– We provide cover art
– We publish print on demand hardcovers, paperbacks and eBooks
– We don’t charge for our input
– We do traditionally printed books too
– We both market your book
– You get 50% royalties

Does that sound fair? We’re a co-operative which aims to produce excellent books not exploit authors.

Among others, we already publish all the authors who have individual pages on this website as well as producing limited editions for private circulation by authors who aren’t seeking open availability of their work yet. We’re also happy just to organise book printing for 20 or more copies at affordable prices.

In the interests of transparency we practice open book accounting and all authors get copies of the sales statements from Amazon etc. And in the same spirit reproduced below is our standard draft contract which we are willing to consider amending to any new author’s reasonable requirements.We also publish photography books so here’s our standard form contract for those:







David Wake of New St Authors in a charming rant about the shortcomings of traditional publishers reckoned that the only outlet for the following genres is Indie Publishing:

Near-future SF. (Traditional publishing is too inefficient.)
Novellas. (Too short, even if you could get twice as many on the shelf.)
Poetry. (No market for them, apparently.)
Local interest books. (All decisions made at head office.)
Books in more than one genre. (Where do I put this? Ah, yes, the returns bin.)
Books the marketing department doesn’t know how to market.
Books by authors, whose previous two books in the trilogy sold well, but not in the J. K. Rowling or E. L. James league.
Books that you really, really want, but you’ve been busy and missed the three month window of opportunity and they’ve all been returned to the publisher on a sale-or-return basis and have now been pulped.

And then there are all the predatory publishing houses which exist primarily to sell services to authors rather than making money by selling books. Our own rant about that is among the blogs on our home page.

Which means there’s plenty of opportunity for a different publishing endeavour like APS Books.

Indie Publishing: The Journey Made Easy is an overview of the skills an indie writer and publisher needs to develop: “For anyone contemplating self-publishing a book for the first time, I can highly recommend Andrew Sparke’s book ‘Indie Publishing – the Journey Made Easy.’ This ebook covers everything that the author needs to know about self-publishing as well as how to become a professional, self-publishing entity. The ‘journey’ takes the self-publisher through the essential steps and stages involved in formatting a manuscript for upload to various platforms such as Kindle and Smashwords, through to how to use social media and other means to market the final product. Having gone through the process myself, I use Andrew’s book as reference material; however, it is equally valuable to the first-time e-author.” (David Muir Five star Amazon review)

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  1. Brayden Chambers says:

    How do you go about submitting a manuscript?

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