We publish erotic photography books curated by erotic novelist Pete Sears available as deluxe editions on silk finish paper.  See the UK BOOK BUY where titles are post-free to UK customers or you will find them listed for sale exclusively by us on

Series 1
The Erotic Photography of Eastern Europe
Any Colour As Long As It’s Black
The Erotic Photography of Sakkmesterke
The Erotic Photography of Forewer
The Muse
The Muse On The Sofa
Raven-Haired Beauty
Stockings On Perfect Legs
Gluteus Perfectus
Adult Games
Fifty Shades Of Bondage
Erotic Monochrome

34 more titles are being published during 2020 (see cover images and list below). There is also an introductory sampler  ‘The Very Best Erotic Photography’ containing selections chosen by Pete Sears from all the titles.

Series 2
Cars & Girls
Girls Of The Military Mansion
Russian Girl In My Bed
Thai Girl In My Bed
Polish Model In My Bed
A Couple In Love
The Athletic Nude
Erotic Collages
Series 3
Russian Erotic Photography
Ukrainian Erotic Photography
Spanish Erotic Photography
Norwegian Erotic Photography
Thai Erotic Photography
American Erotic Photography
Polish Erotic Photography
Galina Tcivina
Series 4
Masters Of Russian Bondage
The French Maid & Other Fantasies
In Blue Jeans
Let Her Breasts Satisfy Thee (Proverbs 5:19)
Modelling Pantyhose
Erotic Hosiery
Russian Girl Back In My Bed
Polish Model Back In My Bed
Series 5
Little Black Dress
The American Way
The Argentinian Water Baby
Khazakstani Erotic Photography
Tattoboo: Erotic Photography From Japan
My Little China Girl
Monochrome & Shadow
Nylon or Lace

Series 6
The Heart Shape
Undressing For Lust