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Once upon a time, in another life, I was Chief Executive of a large local authority in the West Midlands, the climax of a thirty year career starting with a law degree and qualifying as a solicitor. During that time I was involved in writing or editing several public sector textbooks but everything else got put on hold. That’s the nature of the job. The privilege of early retirement changes everything. Now I play at management consultancy and only agree to do different and interesting work for people I enjoy working with – things as diverse as bio-fuel projects in far-flung places, helping dis-engaged young people with the Leaps & Bounds (Inspiring Change) Trust, acting as an adviser to Public Sector plc, being a trustee for Young and for The Mariposa Trust (which organises the Saying Goodbye services for grieving parents) and running an Amazon trading business called Sparkys. And around it all I write constantly. Hence the reason for setting up this entire publishing project. (For more of my views on writing and publishing click on the radio interview at the foot of this page).



Exhibition of works of Kiejstut Bereźnicki (Sopot, Poland)


Since few people ever go there, the picture along the top of this site was taken at Vava’u, one of The Friendly Islands (otherwise known as Tonga), a place I’m desperate to revisit and about which there’s now a book in the ‘In Search Of…’series.


imageTo protect a writer’s skull – the new ski helmet


Action research!(Soldeu, Andorra – January 2014)

imageBreakfast among the ruins – Ephesus (December 2014)


Janek critiquing a humourous verse written for him (April 2015)


Working breakfast at Kasha and Fred’s near Gdansk (May 2015)


For completeness rather than because this stuff should be of any current interest, here’s where the published writing and editing career of Andrew Sparke started:



2 Responses to ANDREW SPARKE

  1. David says:

    Hi, hope you remember me from John and Susans leaving drink. Was food talking to you

  2. andrewsparke says:

    You were inspiring on the subjects of proper pizza and heavy rock as I recall.

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