Selected communications posted without further comment:


Published i NEWSPAPER 16th March 2017


From CALEB PIRTLE ( 20th May 2016
Andrew, you symbolize why this game of publishing is worth playing. I’m convinced the secret to success is two-fold. One, write more books and keep them coming out on a regular basis. Two, do everything you can to help other authors succeed, and they will help you get there as well.

Dearest Andrew,
To start with a thousand apologies for being such an age in writing to thank you for the book. I absolutely adore it. I read it once and straight away I read it again. I think it is absolutely stunning. You have a marvellous style and a beautiful delivery as it were. My feeling is that you have a lot of Proust about you.
A very beautifully written book. I wait impatiently for Vol.II!! …
Much love Jenny

From AMAZON 13th April 2015
I have reviewed of your application to become an Amazon Associate, and visited the website where you planned to advertise for
When selecting Associates Programme participants, we try to determine why a customer would seek out the website in question, review the topic or content of the website, and subsequently follow a link to
The programme is not set up to simply advertise and third party links within websites, or make mini Amazon websites.
Since your website does not appear to be finished, we are unable to view your content in its entirety.
We have decided that your site may not present a mutually beneficial business opportunity and because of this, we can not accept your application at this time.
We encourage you to resubmit your application after creating a unique site with original content.
Thank you for your interest in the Associates Programme.

From PAUL DICKINSON 10th May 2013
Hoku vakapuna tētē ‘i ‘olunga fono ‘i he toke. Cheers Mate


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