Selected communications posted without further comment:


From eBAY CUSTOMER ‘DAVE’ 5th May 2020
I have ordered three books from you and love them! Superb quality pictures and poses make them a great addition to my collection.

From ANGELA PATMORE 13th March 2020
It looks absolutely great! I wish I had known you years ago as some of my other books look disappointing in comparison.

Published i NEWSPAPER 16th March 2017


From CALEB PIRTLE ( 20th May 2016
Andrew, you symbolize why this game of publishing is worth playing. I’m convinced the secret to success is two-fold. One, write more books and keep them coming out on a regular basis. Two, do everything you can to help other authors succeed, and they will help you get there as well.

Dearest Andrew,
To start with a thousand apologies for being such an age in writing to thank you for the book. I absolutely adore it. I read it once and straight away I read it again. I think it is absolutely stunning. You have a marvellous style and a beautiful delivery as it were. My feeling is that you have a lot of Proust about you.
A very beautifully written book. I wait impatiently for Vol.II!! …
Much love Jenny

From PAUL DICKINSON 10th May 2013
Hoku vakapuna tētē ‘i ‘olunga fono ‘i he toke. Cheers Mate

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