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Angela Patmore was the adjutant to a famous little dog, Owen Parsnip, who still has a much appreciated social media presence as the Facebook Dog Soldier and a number of well-known followers including The Daily Mail’s Bel Mooney. Angela has now transcribed a collection of amusing doggerel pieces from and about Owen illustrated with a number of colour photographs. Owen led a global Dog Revolutionary Army with a presence on four continents campaigning for canine rights and against ‘Two-leg tyranny’. Meanwhile Angela has chosen to indulge in her favourite sport, American Football…Out now with another new collection ‘Phantom Verses’.

Angela Patmore is a retired journalist with a well-established track record as an author. She is the author of biographical works by and with Marjorie Proops, Mike Gatting and Jonah Barrington as well as books on Sumo and stress management. For details of earlier books still in print please click on the relevant book cover below: