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Lee was the owner of a successful contemporary art gallery in  Birmingham art gallery called Number Nine. Since closing the doors of his gallery he has concentrated on using his creative capabilities. ‘Never too late’ is Lee’s battle cry and he’s exploiting all his talents as a painter in watercolours, as a photographer, as a musician and now as a poet. His first collections ‘Failing To Be Serious’ and ‘Meandering With Intent’ are already available as ‘Jottings and Scribbles’ a complete compilation of his published verse to date. . He is also the author of the Henry Egg books for children (see below) and he is currently working on a trilogy of books constituting a comedic fictionalisation of his career.



Twelve of Lee’s Henry Egg stories have been performed on television. The stories were either out of print or new and unpublished until we decided to do new editions.

Click on this link for a specially recorded story.

Lee would also like placed on record that he is the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge, presented to him on the television programme in 1986 by Biddy Baxter.