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Annie has lost so much – not least her beloved Eric. And now everything seems to be drawing to a close. Is this the end of the world. The cycle of life…

Jean Harvey has chosen to create an unusual memoir of growing up in the 1940s and 1950s. Called ‘Pandemic’ it recalls the past after an apocalyptic catastrophe which only the young will survive. Of herself she says:
Born during the Second World War.
Dad was a Coal Miner.
Middle child of five. Sadly one baby brother died in infancy.
Went to a village school where girls had to learn life skills knitting, sewing, crochet etc which I still do today.
Passed a scholarship at 11yrs and then attained three ‘O’ levels.
Have been married for 56yrs and have four children, eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren.
Learned to weld to help husband in his small business when he was no longer able to.
We built and fitted out a 40ft. Steel Narrow Boat from plans.
Played golf with husband and friends until he became disabled.
Wrote some children’s books for the grandchildren and illustrated them.
Post retirement, worked at a Special Needs School.
When I retired my youngest son gave me a computer. “To drag you into the 21st Century” he said. I started to write about what my life was like when I was young. Then with all the bad news of wars, terrorism, earthquakes and the like my friends and I decided that we needed to start again. This gave me the idea for PANDEMIC. End of this world and start again.