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‘NOTHING LEFT TO HIDE’: the first crime novel from HR Beasley: Richard Boxer, once a policeman and latterly a hard-drinking artist – the decision he makes for money looks highly likely to get him killed…


H.R.Beasley is better known for his work in visual arts, his first public exhibition being at the age of only eleven. His writing journey did not begin until his mid forties. His series of books on Richard Boxer, the first of which, ‘Nothing Left To Hide’, is published by APS Publications, inevitably revolve around the art world. This is combined with an almost fanatical obsession with mysteries and thrillers to mould his preferred style. H.R.Beasley lives in Stourbridge, England, is married and continues to work, along with his wife, toward ‘a better, cleaner world where individuals can express themselves openly without any kind of repercussion’.