Been a busy first half of 2018 with 30 books published:


Tales From Pinfold Farm: growing up in Yardley in the early 1990s Helen Pitt
The Blue Nile: Complete Recordings Illustrated A P Sparke
Can: Complete Recordings Illustrated A P Sparke
Jamaican Music In England Eric Doumerc
Stress To Success Stories Hansa Pankhania
Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm: The Crime Scene Revisited Alex Merrill
More Swings Than Roundabouts John Wright
Fluid Edges David Hamilton
Pipe Dream Kokumo Noxid
The Gathering Malachi Smith
Shining Lights Dark Matters Ian Meacheam
Twelve Eggs In A Box Lee Benson and Gary Craven
Jakrack Elliott Finn George
Traitor Lodger German Spy Tony Rowland
Abducted By Faerie Michel Henri
Pandemic Jean Harvey
Where’s Your Art Gallery Now? Lee Benson
A Place Between The Mountains Paul C Walsh
Damage Limitation T F Byrne
A Different Shade Of Love Nargis Darby
A Shattered Rose Michael Harvey
Twenty Pieces Of Silver Michel Henri
Elsewhere Joanna Leszczynska
Dresses To Die For Edie Ruskin
Perfect Legs Pete Sears
A Man and His Bees Harold Lund
Ballet Changed My Life – Ballet Hoo! The Story of the Channel 4 TV Series Rod Morgan and Andrew Sparke
The Club of Queer Trades G K Chesterton
Moonfleet J Meade Falkner
The Bishop’s Jaegers Thorne Smith

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Author, Editor, Management Consultant, Owner APS Publications and its offshoots APS Books and APS Photographics
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2 Responses to WHAT’S NEW?

  1. Patricia Jones says:

    I am commenting here on your publication of ‘Sorrell and Son’ which I purchased from Amazon recently. I wanted to pass it on to a friend, but it is so riddled with phonetic ‘O for Oh’ and other oddities like ‘written for ridden’ and on page 97 ……’sit down with a beaming smile and the year of having accomplished something’…… which doesn’t make sense, that I feel embarrassed to pass the book on. Was it dictated? It seems like it. I know it was probably out of print till you published it again, but it isn’t worth paying for this type of product as it is annoying to read. I would like to know how this came about, just to satisfy my curiosity and should I consider purchasing other books that are of similar age?

    • APS Books says:

      Hi Pat,

      Thanks for the feedback. The best thing about online publishing is errors can be corrected very easily for future buyers and the two specific transcription errors (written for ridden and years for airs) have already been changed.

      The matter of O or Oh is not however an error. Oh is postwar usage. Until then most English and American authors used O-. This is how the author wrote his manuscript and how the printer of the first edition set it. Much the same is happening now with Okay which until recently would never be published as OK but this is rapidly becoming the norm in new books.

      I have had a couple of people raise words like bestrapped as corrections for this book but having checked found them used in the first edition. I am however interested in correcting any other actual errors you’ve found so just email me a list and I promise I’ll check each one.

      Reprinting old books which aren’t available isn’t my main business which is new works and new authors but I’ve made an exception for Sorrell and Son and the American humorous writer Thorne Smith because they are favourite books of mine so I’m very interested in doing justice to them in print even though transcribing them is difficult and as you surmise partially necessitates a process of dictation and correction.

      I can’t really comment on whether it’s worth your while buying modern reprints of other old books. I have noticed a decline in modern proofreading standards particularly with eBooks and especially it seems with large mainstream publishers and bestsellers. The truth is that it does vary enormously but in part on older books it’s a consequence of people putting books back into print as a voluntary labour of love knowing they’ll never make money from them because Amazon pay only a few pence royalty per copy sold on titles which are out of copyright – the rest is their printing cost and profit.

      Anyway that’s the way the business is and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love books so thanks very much for your interest.

      Kind regards,


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